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You can Volunteer!

At STO Global Inc, our volunteers are people who are passionate about helping in any way we can. We gather relief materials and help with distribution and logistics for our Food Drive. We also have volunteers that help with the Charity Concerts such as singers, instrumentalists and in publicity campaigns. Are you are interested in any of these? CLICK HERE to volunteer.

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Donate Food & Winter Clothes!

We embark on periodical food and winter clothing drive to assist struggling families and individuals living in Manitoba. We raise the awareness of the plight of the less privileged and encourage our partners and other individuals to supply canned food and winter clothes to their aid. You too can put a smile on someone’s face today, CLICK HERE now!

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Donate Cash!

All the activities of STO Global are funded by free-will donations from well-meaning individuals and organizations. We invite you to consider supporting us by making cash donations towards our programs and activities. It may be regular or a onetime gift. You can do this via Interac or Paypal. If you wish to make cash donations now, kindly CLICK HERE.

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