With David and Amanda Fatimehin.

Thinking that intercultural marriages are so easy might be a misthought. Nevertheless, David and Amanda Fatimehin are making a success of it, as God helps them. The couple showed that it is fun learning intimately about a new way of life away from one you’ve been familiar with

Interviewing them, Bunmi Oduntan was able to delve into brief details on how they met, how they decided to get married, how they’ve lived together and how they have blended cultures. David being Nigerian and Amanda Canadian, it was obvious that God had planted the idea of marrying an African into Amanda’s heart from the onset, but marrying outside of his culture didn’t occur to David until God started to show him otherwise. The blessings of the parents, and the knowledge of and submission to Christ’s will has helped the couple and their families in the acceptance of each other’s cultural differences.

Down to dressing, languages and food types, Amanda and David have had to blend into each other’s cultures and in fact, Amanda now enjoys cooking and eating African meals. Amanda especially had to deal with the cultural shift of knowing and mixing with a people who are very vocal about how they felt at any time, and David had to learn to be gentler with his words, even in honesty. To quote Amanda, “it comes from a humble learning and adapting”. Asking lots of questions tends to get better than just guessing and groping ones way through, and this is true for every kind of marriage, but especially for intercultural marriages.

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