With Dr. Mrs. Patricia Ikiriko.

“Smart investments and money management skills are not always passed down with wealth”. This statement began this episode of The Platform which saw our her guest, Dr. (Mrs) Patricia Ikiriko, an academician, a counsellor, doctor, wife and mother whose drive is to make a real difference in the lives of people. When asked what inspired her to take up a PhD, the amazing super-woman stunned viewers and listeners when she confessed that she was once an academic dunce, something which temporarily floored her dreams of becoming something great. That determination was buoyed again when got inspired by a voice in her head telling her ‘you can do more than this’; at that point she realized that she didn’t set goals, didn’t have a determined mindset and left things to chance. A change in mindset brought a change in her academic abilities.

passing down wealth

Describing wealth as more than just an accumulation of material resources, Dr. Patricia Ikiriko defined wealth as the wisdom, virtues and values a person possesses that can be passed down to the next generation, these values birthing the skills necessary to manage the material wealth transferred from generation to generation. Talking about imbibing the right values in her own children, she narrated how she trained her own daughter to manage the side of the house even as a teenager, in spite of the presence of domestic help. She said this to encourage parents and guardians not to leave the training of their children to other people. Outlining three basic skills that could be taught to the next generation, she highlighted setting goals, making plans and making strategic ways through which the set goals could be achieved.

Towards the end of the enlightening session, she bemoaned the fact that great men and women have lost their heritage because they did not bring up their children in the way of the Lord and with the wisdom of impacting values, citing examples like Eli and Samuel, both Prophets in the Bible days.

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Passing Down Wealth with Dr. Mrs Patricia Ikiriko


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