The 2021 edition of Praise Explosion was an amazing one. Here’s why: we had not just one but TWO EDITIONS! YES! Praise Explosion has become a bi-annual event.

Dr. Henry’s band kicked off the event with Afro-beat music, very much like the legendary Fela Anikulapo’s style of music. Next, the amazing Bunmipraise came up and, even better than the previous year, she made our feet dance to the Lord as she led us through a beautiful praise session.

After her, guess who came up, all the way from Nigeria: BIG BOLAJI!!! The praise machine joined us virtually, leading us for the next hour through an energetic array of songs. It was the perfect sequel to Pastor Sunday Akin Olukoju’s message, which was aptly titled ‘Praise in the Midst of Restrictions’, where he talked about Paul and Silas and how they praised in prison. With the Covid19 restrictions all over the world, and its accompanying effects, many were encouraged to praise God in the midst of it all.

Thereafter, Bunmipraise came up again to show us how to truly praise God, with a series of soul-lifting praise songs, followed by the reggae master himself, Jedimz. Messanjah, a Christian rap artiste came up to nourish the online and few in-person viewers with God’s Word in rhythm.

Priscilla Awolesi, a lady with a strong aura of God’s Presence around her, brought on the worship yet again, enjoining us to adore God with her. Bunmipraise put a cap on the event, with the amazing artist, Javier, who sketched while her team sang. It was a beautiful sight to behold, to see the upside-down sketch turned right-side up and seeing that it was the image of a lion and a lamb. It humbled our hearts, reminding us of the Lion of Judah who became a slain lamb for us. Oluwafemi, the anchor of the event from start to finish, wrapped it up beautifully by inviting people who wanted to join or support the STO mission.