Our Year 2022 food drive themed ‘One Can Make a Difference’ kicked off on the 10th October, 2022, with campaign visits to places of worship within Winnipeg, social media campaigns and letters to several individuals and small businesses.

In response to many calls for a postponement of our delivery date in order to accommodate more donations, we extended the campaign to the 27th November, 2022.

Canned food items donated were assembled and boxed into 48boxes and 4large bins. The boxed items and bins weighing 1506 pounds were delivered to Harvest Manitoba on the 3rd December, 2022.

We express thanks to all the individuals who donated food items and cash to support the initiative. Also, we thank the following community businesses and religious organizations that supported us and encouraged their members to donate generously:

RCCG, Hephzibah Parish

RCCG Kings & Priests

Immanuel Fellowship

RCCG, Dominion Sanctuary Parish

CAC Vineyard of Comfort

Arabelle Bakeries

Bukki Solanke

African Foodways

Love Nest 2023

Love Nest 2023

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